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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have lots of questions regarding our services.  Please find some common questions we feel will help you make the best decisions.

Q:  What is Home Care Services?
A:  Home Care Services is designed to help you at home if you face any difficulty with your day to day tasks.  Whether you are disabled, a new mom, recovering from a surgery, we are here to help.  We also provide nursing services to pediatric and adult patients.  Click here to contact us!

Q: Does Beachside Home Service LLC help me find employment as a caregiver
A:  Yes, if you are seeking work as a caregiver, please apply on our site or give one of our SC or NC offices a call.  Click here to apply!

Q: Will my insurance cover home care services?
A:  Beachside accepts Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and most forms of insurance.  Give us a call today and we can help answer your financial and insurance questions.

Q: What other forms of payment does Beachside Home Service LLC accept?
A:  Including insurance, we also accept p
rivate pay, workers compensation, and veteran benefits.  


Q: Will someone be able to help with cooking and other tasks around the house?
A: Yes, we provide personal home care assistance as well.  Medication reminders, light meal preparation, dressing and bathing are some of the services you are able to request.

Q:  How will I know if someone needs Home Care Assistance?
A:  While most adults try to be as independent as possible, many can benefit from these services.  Have you noticed someone losing weight, seemingly stressed and lonely, concerns with memory associated with age, are just a few things to look for.


Have a question not listed above?  Please send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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